14x32 loft barn, inside and outside. The loft can be a long one in the back as pictured, or two lofts, one in back and one in front! This barn has 4" grooved rough-sawn fir siding with oil stain. Roomy!
View of lean-to on the back
A 12x24 loft barn with front porch and rear lean-to storage area.
A 10 x 14 regular barn built in a tight spot. There is no extra fee for building on-site.
Shelves can be added to a regular barn. 16" wide shelves cost $3.00 per foot, built in.
A ramp can be added to a regular barn. A 5' wide ramp, 45" long, costs $90. It is made of treated lumber and it is permanently attached.
SIZEBARN          TALLLOFT      Loft(s)
        BARN      BARN
8X8  $1020        $1200        $1280        4x8
8X10  112513451425        4x8
8X12  126014751635        4,4
8X14  147517251885        4,4
8X16  159518902050        4,4

10X10147017101810        4x10
10X12159018552055        4,4
10X14179520952295        4,4
10X16192522502475        6,4
10X20235527302980        8,4
10X24275531803455        8,6

12X12190022202460        4,4
12X14215525152740        4,4
12X16229527102970        6,4
12X20279532353515        8,4
12X24323537604060        8,8
12X28361041754475        8,8

14X16278032103510        6,4
14X20345039304270        8,4
14X24414046805060        8,8
14X28481554545835        8,8
14X32551062006620       10,10
Prices for regular, tall and loft barns.
The prices listed here are for the basic building constructed on-site. Includes blocks, treated floor joists and skids, 3/4" tongue and groove flooring, double doors, and gable vents. Price does not include windows, ramps, extra doors, shelves, or painting.