At left: A 12x20 loft barn with double doors and optional windows on the side; steel walk door on the end.
A 10 x 14 regular barn built in a tight spot. 
Shelves can be added to a regular barn. 16" wide shelves cost $8.00 per foot, built in.
A ramp can be added to a regular or loft barn. It is made of treated lumber and it is permanently attached.
A 10 x 12 Tall Barn with optional window and treated ramp. 
10 x 20 Loft Barn. No extra charge for doors on the side. However, side doors are not as tall as doors on the end. This shed has optional full barn door trim and paint.
12 x 20 Loft Barn. This will hold a lot of stuff!  This one is unpainted, and has wider double doors with standard trim. It also has the optional window.