I also build gable roof sheds. The standard pitch of my gable shed roof is 5/12. This means that the roof rises 5" per 12" of run. This is low enough to be within most local building codes for height while still being functional and attractive. If you want a steeper pitch, I can build it; up to a 8/12 pitch. The roof overhang of the standard gable shed is about 6", including painted drip edge. The standard wall height is about 6-1/2 feet on the eight foot wide sheds, and 7-1/2 feet on wider sheds. 
At right is a regular 12 x 12 Gable shed with optional ramp. It comes with "Smart siding" and "Smart trim", factory pre-primed and ready to paint. Also standard are double doors with hold-open kickers, gable vents, and the painted drip edge shown in the picture.
At left is a 12 x 20 gable shed. This building has a 2' x 3' vinyl "low e" window with half screen. It also has a ramp and "Outline" door trim. It is painted Sherwin Williams "Tony Taupe" with "Virtual Taupe" trim. These upgrades are available for an additional charge.
At left is an 8 x 12 garden shed. It has a two foot overhang along the front, which protects the doors and gives it a nice look. There are also window shutters on this one, and it has the optional full barn door trim. It comes standard with a 5/12 roof pitch.
Site-built means you can put it almost anywhere!
12 x 20 Regular gable above. Pictured with optional ramp and  window. No extra charge for architectural shingles. The vinyl window has double pane glass and a screen. Window colors are white or clay.

Right: 10 x 16 gable shed with a lot of options: 8/12 roof pitch, one foot overhang with aluminum soffit and fascia, windows, extra walk door, full barn door trim, ramp, and painted to match the owner's craftsman style house.
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At Right is a 10 x 14 Garden shed with ramp and optional cedar full barn door trim. 

 This shed has an optional 7/12 pitch to better match the style of the neighborhood.
Pictured at right is a 10 x 16 gable shed with optional outline door trim and treated ramp.