Before having a shed built in your yard, there are some things to consider regarding covenants in your development and building codes for your city.

Most subdivisions and developments will have a Property Owners' Association or similar organization which controls any additions to your property, including storage sheds. You may have received a copy of the covenants for your neighborhood when you purchased your home. Before building a shed, you will need to review the covenants and talk to your POA about what their guidelines are for size, height, color of paint and shingles, and materials used in construction of the shed. 
​10 x 20 Gable shed with two nine-light metal entry doors, steps, and eight 3x3 windows.

All towns and cities in Northwest Arkansas have building codes regarding construction and placement of storage sheds (temporary structures, accessory buildings), and these codes vary widely from city to city. Codes also change without notice. Information regarding codes can usually be found on the website for the city. Most city staff can look up your property on their computer system and can tell you the specifics, so it is best to call them before proceeding with site selection. Things you will need to find out before building a shed in your yard are: 

1. What are the "setbacks"? This means, how far from your property line does the shed have to be? This will vary with circumstances such as the size of the shed, location relative to streets, and location of utilities.

2. Do you need a building permit? Cities generally specify a size, such as 120 square feet or above, at which you will need to obtain a permit. 

3. Are there height limits? Some cities will not allow a shed over 10' high (ground to peak of roof) to be built without its being tied down to the ground. 

4. Who obtains the building permit, if required? As the property owner, you are in a better position to negotiate with the city regarding building and placement of the shed in your yard.